Michelle Kukk

Michelle Kukk grew up in a military family which enabled her to travel the world at a young age. This experience has enabled Michelle to appreciate and understand different cultures and backgrounds, which gives her the ability to relate to a wide array of people.

Michelle met Erik, her husband of 21 years, overseas on the island of Kwajalein, RMI. She was working as a Mechanical Engineer on a government contract and Erik was undercover performing a threat assessment of the island’s security. It was love at first sight, and they eloped to Alaska.

Before entering the legal field, Michelle worked at Duracell for 15 years, starting out in plant support engineering. While working she obtained her MBA at Western Connecticut State University. She then transferred into Research and Development to design new batteries. Michelle had several patent submissions during her time at Duracell. Michelle, together with her team, designed, qualified, and launched into production the Duracell CP1 battery, the first flat lithium primary battery of its kind. After many years in R&D, Michelle had an over-exposure to certain chemicals, which created many rashes and twisted her vocal cords to the point where she lost her voice for 6 months. Michelle went through many sessions with a specialist to reclaim her voice. Due to the issues with the chemicals, she decided to switch fields and go to law school. After graduating law school, Michelle left Duracell to work with Erik, her husband, to fulfill their lifelong dream of working together, which they are now able to do through Kukk Law Office.

Michelle has a passion for animals and is known to take in any animal that needs a home. She has created a “mini-farm” at her house with an assortment of animals such as goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, ferrets, turtle, frog, fish, macaw and other birds. Michelle is a Commissioner of Inlands/Wetlands Board for the Town of Brookfield. She is also active in the community and does fitness modeling.